Here’s What U.S. Businesses Want Trump to Accomplish on China Trip

President Donald Trump will arrive in China on Nov. 8 and spend two days meeting with President Xi Jinping. On the agenda are a couple of hot issues: cooperation on North Korea and the bilateral economic relationship between the United States and China.

Regarding that second topic of the economic relationship, U.S. businesses would love for Trump to gain some ground on what is perceived as a trade deficit between the two countries in favor of China. Trump is expected to be tough on trade talks with Xi, CNBC reported.

The two leaders have different objectives. Trump will seek to drive home the point that the United States will no longer tolerate imbalanced trade, while Xi will attempt to protect the status quo. The outcome of this meeting will heavily affect the trajectory of the two countries’ relations moving forward, Brookings reported.

Trump referred to his upcoming trip in a pair of recent tweets:

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