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Tune Up Motorcycle Engine

Tune Up Motorcycle Engine - Wonder How To oil changes coupons

How To. Tune a nitro engine

Tuning a nitro engine can be dangerous work if you don't the necessary precautions. The first and most important precaution is to educate yourself. You want to make sure that the engine doesn't heat up or cool down too much, you want it at it's normal operating temperature. Fo. more

How To. Replace motorcycle wheel bearings & engine bearings

Remove bearings easily with the Tusk bearing remover. Learn how to change wheel bearings and remove engine bearings. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC] is the largest off-road retailer in the U.S. Check out their how-to videos on WonderHowTo. Search Ro. more

How To. Tune a Nitro Engine / Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck

Do you want maximum performance for your TRex 4WD Nitro RC truck? This tutorial details the steps to tuning your Nitro engine, as well as the specific mechanics and inner workings of the Nitro Engine of Tyrannosaurus 4WD Nitro RC Truck. HIGH END: - Set the needle valve of the. more

How To. Tune a RC nitro Engine

In this video, we learn how to tune an RC nitro engine. First, you will need to adjust your needles. Make sure you know which way to go as you are adjusting them. After this, you need to find your high speed needle and find where you will hook up your fuel line. Lean the motor. more

How To. Tune a Nitro RC engine

This video will show you how to tune your nitro engine on the LSN, HSN, MSN and other methods. Not sure if it is a idle or lean issue? We will help you! This video will show you the theory on how to turn. The counter clock wise (CCW) and clock wise (CW) movements of the hsn (. more

How To. Tune a HPI 21BB engine

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to tune a HPI 21BB engine. From the base settings, start adjusting the high speed needle in a 1/8 turn. Then adjust the low speed needle in a 1/8 turn as well. Make sure to never run the engine too lean because this can damage the engi. more

How To. Tune up a two cylinder engine on a power tool

The three parts you will need to successfully do a tune up on a two cycle engine are: an air filter, spark plug and a fuel filter. Follow the step by step process to complete the tune up your to mowers, trimmers, and other equipment so you can keep your engines running smoothl. more

How To. Tune the ACME Attacker 1/8 scale RC Nitro engine

This video shows you how to tune the ACME attacker 1/8th scale nitro engine buggy. Use the high end valve and the idle speed screw as show in the film. Turn the engine and get it to the operating temperature and drive round to the see how the car performs. If the acceleration . more

How To. Tell if your RC engine is tuned

Learn how to tune a nitro engine for a remote control toy with this video tutorial from Squirrelrod. This particular tutorial focuses on tuning by glow plugs, which sits at the top of the piston. Squirrel explains the various parts and equipment necessary as well as each step . more

How To. Lift a dropped motorcycle

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to lift a dropped motorcycle. Begin by turning off the motorcycle engine. Make sure that you don't have any health issues including a bad back or knee. Check the motorcycle to see if there are any leaking fluids. Make sure the bike is . more

How To. Change your oil on a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

We all know if you want to make sure your vehicle will last a long time and run smoothly, make sure you perform the required maintenance. That includes changing the oil. So to help make sure your motorcycle will last a long time, we have a two part video tutorial on how to cha. more

How To. Optimize a nitro-powered RC car for the weather

In this video we are about to see how to optimize a nitro-powered RC car for the weather. First to tune a engine we have to know what all the factors that will affect the engine and know how our engine works. The tuning of the engine varies with the place we go in. The tuning . more

How To. Break in a Nitro RC engine

This video is on my break in method. I use half of the new school break in method and half of the traxxas. My method goes like this: tank 1: 1/4 throttle, leaned to 200 degrees, no full brakes and really no time limits on the throttle ever to keep it moving like the new schoo. more

How To. Change the oil on a Kawasaki Ninja 650R motorcycle

In this tutorial, we learn how to change the oil on a Kawasaki Ninja 650R motorcycle. First, find the oil can on the car and use a socket wrench to remove the drain plug. Let the oil drain into an oil pan until there is no more left inside of it. When finished, replace the plu. more

How To. Replace the kickstand safety switch on a Ninja 250R

In this tutorial, we learn how to replace the kickstand safety switch on a Ninja 250R. When this is broken, it will turn your engine off when you put it into gear and cause your motorcycle to not run properly. First, remove the screw from around the safety switch until you can. more

How To. Modify the PCV on a Kawasaki KLR650

This motorcycle tutorial shows you how to do a PCV mod on a Kawasaki KLR650. The PCV mod is putting a one way valve in the breather hose from the engine into the airbox. Purpose: only lets the engine case exhale, not suck air back in. Side effect: potentially reduces or elimin. more

Tune Up Motorcycle Engine - Wonder How To oil changes cheap

Eyes Officially Popped. The Future of Gaming Looks Awesome

Tune in! Below, an attendee of the Game Developers Conference 2011 captures footage of the new eye-popping visual effects in Epic Games' latest upgrade of their Unreal Engine 3, a "toolset used in blockbuster video games, 3D visualizations, digital films and more." If this is . more

How To. Maintain your lawn tractor's engine

You can do the basic engine care - such as changingJust like a car, a lawn tractor is an expensive piece of hardware that should be properly maintained on a regular basis. Not only does it need a regular oil change and tune up, but it needs to be cleaned as well in order to ma. more

Tune Up Motorcycle Engine - Wonder How To free tire rotation with oil change

How To. Flush the coolant in a Kawasaki KLR650

This motorcycle maintenance video shows you how to flush the coolant in a Kawasaki KLR650 bike. The coolant drain is a vertical bolt (8 mm) on the front right side of the engine (the water pump). There is a horizontal bolt near it which helps hold the water pump to the engine.. more

How To. Start out on a motorcycle

In this tutorial, we learn how to start out on a motorcycle. Before you ride a motorcycle, you will want to learn where all the controls are. After this, you need to make sure all the springs are in place and the clutch works well. Then, check the engine oil to make sure it's . more

News. Chinese Farmer Builds Psycho-Copter From Scratch

There's been a lot of craziness from the far East lately on WonderHowTo. A Chinese farmer builds an army of robots, a Thai baker makes horror movie-esque bodies out of bread, a Chinese James Bond enthusiast hacks together his own submarine, and don't forget the Japanese coo. more

How To. Crazy Dad Enters Guinness World Records with Fastest Baby Stroller Ever (50+ MPH!)

Babies are pretty cool. They do whatever they want, have beautiful women drool all over them, and have more one-on-one boob action than any grown man (or woman) I know. Plus, they get taken around in their own personal rolling thrones. I would invest some serious dough if som. more

How To. Understand the inner workings of an RC car engine

Are you a radio control car enthusiast who's never moved beyond the store-bought toy models from Radio Shack? Then this nine-part series of videos is what you've been waiting for. It breaks down how RC engines work in exhaustive detail, including whole sections on carbs, pipe . more

How To. Change a moped spark plug

Josh Franta explains that if your motorcycle is not starting it is likely a bad spark plug. He leads you through the process of replacing the spark plug. Oil residue builds up on the spark plug and blocks the electrodes and prevents the motorcycle from starting. Step One: rem. more

How To. Setup Axon racing anti-gravity razorback RC racer

Here is more information Go

This video is on how to setup the axon racing anti gravity razorback racer. it involves receiver installation, zeroing your servo with the trims and lifting the horn, programming the esc, installing the lipo, testing the unit, initial turn on. This is video 1 of lipo universi. more

How To. Install LED lights onto your Axon hover RC

This video is on how to install the LED light kit onto your Axon Racing anti-gravity razorback racer hover. This video is on how to setup the axon racing anti gravity razorback racer. it involves receiver installation, zeroing your servo with the trims and lifting the horn, p. more

How To. Wash your car's engine bay

This video tutorial in Autos, Motorcycles & Planes category will show you how to wash your car's engine bay. Open the hood and check the temperature by touching with your hand and a thermometer. If it is cool enough you can proceed. Look over the engine bay to see if there is . more

How To. Detect an air leak in a Nitro RC engine

In this tutorial, we learn how to detect an air leak in a Nitro RC engine. Air leaks damage your engine which will take your tuning and completely void it. Now, take some soapy water and apply it to your engine and anything that is connected in between. Block off one end of th. more

How To. Build a B-series Honda engine

Are you an aspiring mechanic? How about a hands-on person with a couple free days and a spirit of ingenuity? In this three-part video tutorial, learn from Evans Tuning how to build a B-series Honda engine. Get step by step instructions on how to build this engine from scratch,. more

News. World's First "Car" Looks Like a Bike and Runs on Fire

Gottlieb Daimler's "Revolutionary Riding Car" of 1885 doesn't look like a car (in truth, it would be more analogous to what we recognize today as a motorcycle), but it did mark the very first inkling of the automobile age. Wired reports: "Under the strictest etymology — the . more

How To. Hack speed in Rock Riot with Cheat Engine (12/12/09)

Slow down Rock Riot with Cheat Engine, so you can get a perfect score every time. Simply download Cheat Engine 5.5 and follow along. Cheat and hack Rock Riot! Watch this video tutorial to learn how to hack speed in Rock Riot with Cheat Engine (12/12/09). Also, using the Mozil. more

News. Man Builds 1906 Oldsmobile Using Google Books

Vintage plans for building motorbikes, lawnmowers, and old automobiles are fun to browse, but who actually builds them? Meet Bob Ferry, a 51-year-old machinist from Louisville, Kentucky. According to Inside Google Books, Ferry dug through Google's massive catalogue of 3 milli. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Ch. 12: Airborne

This is it. The last one. The last mission in Battlefield Bad Company 2. Airborne. This is where you and your unit finally find the scalar weapon. If you're scared of heights though, this might be the most terrifying mission of all, with a freefall plummet down to the Earth's . more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Zero Dark Thirty

Check out this guide to Battlefield Bad Company 2, the mission entitled Zero Dark Thirty. Find the M-Com Stations and destroy them, but stay alert for all enemies. Watch this video walkthrough to learn how to complete the Zero Dark Thirty mission in Bad Company 2 on the PS3. . more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - No One Left Behind

Things are really heating up now with that the Russians are putting on the pressure in Battlefield Bad Company 2. This time your helicopter gets hit by an RPG and you need to put it down and make your way through the clearing in the jungle. Destroy all the M-Com Stations, and . more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Sangre Del Toro

The first thing you need to do in this mission on Battlefield Bad Company 2 is to hop out of the copter and get in the sand buggy and head to your marked location. You'll need to locate and head to each station on the map: Bravo Base Station, Charlie Base Station, and Alpha Ba. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Snowblind

Make your way to the crash site in this mission on Battlefield Bad Company 2. You'll need to protect the crashes satellite from RPGs and enemy fire. Then you need to destroy yet another M-COM Station, so make sure you're ready. Watch this video walkthrough to learn how to comp. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Crack the Sky

Crack the Sky in this mission on Battlefield Bad Company 2. Use the minions on the helicopter to to take care of your enemies below, and once you kill them all, the copter will drop you off where your real mission starts. Make sure to destroy the M-Com Station. Watch this vide. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Upriver

In Mission 4 (Chapter 3) of Battlefield Bad Company 2, you need to first take care of the sniper. You can only fire the sniper rifle during the thunder, or you'll automatically lose the mission. So make sure you have sniper sensibility in this mission. Watch this video walkthr. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Heart of Darkness

This is the third mission in Battlefield Bad Company 2 called the Heart of Darkness, where you need to follow your unit through the ruined village. But first you have to survive the helicopter ride with the hippy pilot. You need to destroy the M-COM stations to succeed in this. more

How to Play Battlefield. Bad Company 2 - Operation Aurora

At the very beginning of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you and your squadron are floating down a river behind enemy lines. At first, you're just watching and learning, then you finally gain some control and learn how to use your weapons and make your way around the battlefield. . more

How To. A Gamer's Guide to Video Game Software, Part 2: RPG Maker

Yesterday's installment of a Gamer's Guide to Video Game Software featured Unity 3D; today we'll be covering one of the oldest consumer game making engines, RPG Maker. The series started in 1995 in Japan, and has since gone through many iterations in its home country. There a. more

News. Anonymity, Darknets and Staying Out of Federal Custody, Part One: Deep Web

You've probably seen those deep-web images floating around on the Internet. Usually, it goes something like this: There is a towering iceberg and the deeper the underwater portion extends, the more “hidden” and “exotic” the content is described to be. Sometimes these images ar. more

News. Blackwater Lends Its Name to Video Game Franchise

Xe Systems, the Private-Defense-Contractor-Formerly-Known-As-Blackwater, has been busy attempting to re-brand themselves. They have a new name, several new sub-names, and have at least titularly shifted their focus to training rather than mercenary work. Controversial founder . more

News. A Rundown of the New Features in Minecraft 1.8

Here's a noncomprehensive list of current features confirmed and experienced in Minecraft 1.8. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comment section below. Biomes are MUCH larger and more uniform than before. Swamp Biomes were added to the list of existing biomes . more

How To. Repack a Motorcycle Muffler

Periodically, motorcycle and ATV exhaust system can be rebuilt to maintain the proper performance and sound level expected from the exhaust system. My experience was with a dirt bike that had an aftermarket high performance exhaust installed.I bought my 99 XR400 second hand an. more

IPsec Tools of the Trade. Don't Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

Pull up outside any construction site and you'll see tools scattered about—hammers, jigsaws, nail guns, hydraulic pipe benders—these are the tools of the trade. You would be hard-pressed to build a home or office building with just your hands! On that same page, security profe. more

News. Making Art on Your iOS Device, Part 1: Drawing

From the onset of the popularization of apps for the iDevice, users have experimented with creating original artwork on their iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. And when famed British artist David Hockney christened the iDevice with his painterly digital drawings, the trend exploded even. more

How To. Things to Do on WonderHowTo (03/07 - 03/13)

WonderHowTo is made up of niche communities called Worlds. If you've yet to join one (or create your own), get a taste below of what's going on in the community. Check in every Wednesday for a roundup of new activities and projects. Thanks to all of our active moderators and . more

How To. Make a Programmable Piano in Minecraft

There are many impressive accomplishments in Minecraft, too many to name in fact. Sprawling builds, complex machines, and massive servers are the hallmark of Minecraft and things keep getting bigger and better. No one doubts the epic scale Minecraft has reached, but every once. more

How To. Change oil on a '07 Suzuki Boulevard S40 motorcycle

This video shows you how easy it is to change the oil on a 2007 Suzuki Boulevard S40. Remove the drain plug and drain the oil into a drain pan. Remove the engine side cover and pull the comb filter out. Make sure the the o ring is on inside the filter before installing the new. more

PANZERBIKE. Mega Monster Motorbike

The Panzerbike. A monster bike like no other. The Frankenstein of all motorcycles. This big boy has an 800-horsepower engine, and weighs in at 4.74 tons. Harzer Bike built the colossal WWII German motorbike with sidecar using a slew of materials, including the bonnet from a S. more

News. What the iPhone 7's New 3D Touch Home Button Means for You

Among the many new changes ushered in by the iPhone 7, only one has the potential to completely change the way you interact with your smartphone—a new 3D Touch-enabled home button. Instead of the mechanical click we've grown accustomed to, your home button will now behave like. more

Bat Science. How Realistic Are Batman's Gadgets in Dark Knight Rises?

One of the best things about Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy is how realistic he makes the caped crusader feel. Unlike the Joel Schumacher or even the Tim Burton versions, Nolan's world seems grounded in some level of scientific fact. But just how close is science to actual. more

How To. Security-Oriented C Tutorial 0xFD - Software on Steroids - Upgrading Our Malware

Welcome back to a tutorial on malware. We'll be discovering a method to beef up our little trooper. Without further ado, let's jump right in! Recap In the previous tutorial, we learned how to write a program which opened itself for reading to write to a host file, overwritin. more

How To. Wake Up to Spoken Calendar Events & Weather Forecasts for the Day on Your Nexus 7

I regularly use my Nexus 7 to wake up in the mornings (well, sometimes afternoons), but it's pretty minimal in what it does. I shouldn't have to open multiple apps when I wake up to figure out my schedule for the day or what the weather is going to be like. Unfortunately, usi. more

How To. 50+ Creative, Useful, and Unnecessarily Dangerous Ways to Open a Beer Bottle

There's nothing worse than holding an ice cold brewski on a hot summer day and having no way to open it. If you're a Bud fan, you'll have no problem opening the bottle because most mass-market beers have twist-off caps. But if you have a taste for finer, more expensive brews, . more

News. 2009's Wackiest Inventions

As 2009 comes to a close, the Telegraph presents a compilation of this past year's wackiest inventions. As always, here at WonderHowTo, we are inspired and impressed by ingenuity. The contraptions below range from utter silliness (engagement ring bra) to downright amazing (see. more

News. Everything You Need to Know About Android “L”—KitKat's Upcoming Successor

It's the biggest day of the year for all things Google. Their developer conference, dubbed Google I/O, gives us a peak at what the guys at Mountain View have been working on over the course of the past year, and this year, Android was center stage. The central theme of this y. more

News. Everything You Need to Know About the New iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus

The big day has finally come—the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been officially unveiled. Apple debuted their new flagship devices at a keynote event in San Francisco on September 7, and as we've grown to expect, there are tons of changes in store for the world's top-sell. more

News. Bacteria Turn Off Plant Genes to Help Parasites Destroy Billions of Dollars of Crops Every Year

Video. HoloLenz Adds Magic Windows to HoloLens & Gives Portals to New Worlds

News. How to Tell if You Have a Cold or the Flu

News. Another Reason to Wash Your Sheets—Deadly Hospital Fungus Linked to Moldy Linens

How To. Punchabunch Just Made SSH Local Forwarding Stupid Easy

News. Phantom AR Seeks to Democratize Augmented Reality

News. Phantom AR Seeks to Democratize Augmented Reality

How to Hack Wi-Fi. Capturing WPA Passwords by Targeting Users with a Fluxion Attack

Rumor Roundup. BlackBerry's Flagship, Codenamed Mercury, Will Sport a Physical Keyboard & Aluminum Chassis

Make Slime Without Borax. 5 Easy Recipes for Gooey Homemade Ooze

How To. 4 Ways to Crack a Facebook Password & How to Protect Yourself from Them

Video. HoloLenz Adds Magic Windows to HoloLens & Gives Portals to New Worlds

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