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Frustration! Get it right 1st time! The reps kept giving me different prices on front strut assembly, changing their mind, so I kept calling back to see if somebody was going to give me the correct or same price so that was about 4 times. Finally someone got it right. Offered me a $10 gift card for the frustration. Said it would be in the following Monday so I waited for my order to pick up at the store. The following Monday only half the order is and no gift card came so I called back to order the rest of the order -- rear struts and coil springs. The gift card would be sent another week later so in between all this time I'm missing my mechanic. My car is not getting repaired. This has been the worst nightmare of my life! But in the end Customer Service tried to make it right and complete everything.

Denise of Lawrenceville, NJ on Feb. 5, 2017

My pistons were misfiring and I knew I needed new spark plugs but didn't have the time to replace them myself. So, I requested new plugs with my Pep Boys oil change. Easy right? Wrong? They told me not to drive my car home because it was dangerous. The engine had major problems. However, they would need another day to figure out what was wrong. So, I took my car home anyway, bought the plugs myself for $1.50 each and ended up doing it myself. Now my engine runs fine. Does the franchise instruct the service department to say whatever to reach their monthly goals? Pep Boys is good for DYI parts and an oil change only. Beware of their service department. Sears is pretty awful too. I'm sticking to independent garages.

Catherine of Denver, CO on Jan. 28, 2017

This location is 487 S. Broadway, Denver, CO. Took car in for leaking radiator, they said I needed a whole new radiator, got one. Still leaked, took it back, was told "radiator failed" but they said it was a manufacturer's problem, not theirs! I had to pay $350.00 for a rental car, they refused to provide transportation to me even though their service failed! Went to pick it up and car made noise I never heard before! Didn't even get it out of parking lot. Said I have a power steering problem which they never told me about. They said they were "focused on the radiator". I never had a power steering leak or problem until driving in their parking lot! Again NOT their responsibility. I had to go back and get the rental car I just turned in.

Only when my brother who is in the business pushed on them did they discount the labor for a discount. So another $275 out for me. Now I find a bottle of antifreeze dumped in the second seat, when I finally get my car back, that bottle was standing up when I gave them a car. Very little boys work in this place, grow up and join the adult world kids! Terrible Service, incompetent mechanics and vindictive people. NEVER go to a PEP BOYS for anything.

Mitchell of Buffalo, NY on Jan. 24, 2017

I had my 2002 Chevy S10 towed to this location as suggested by my insurance company (since they were the one towing it for me) because the truck would not start. They replaced the distributor cap, rotor, and did a tune up, claiming that everything had been fixed. The next day I replace my oil. Under the hood I found a screwdriver and magnet pen resting on the distributor. As I start the truck up and look inside, a plume of smoke appears near the distributor and a loud clacking noise. I bring the truck back in a second time and they tell me now it is the distributor itself. I come in after the distributor has been replaced. Upon starting my truck, I notice the check engine light is on. This meant I had to leave the truck there a third time.

All in all, my truck was being worked on for 6 days. Wed-Fri 1st time, Sat-Mon 2nd time, Mon-Tues 3rd time. Now I know my vehicle is old and diagnosing problems can be difficult. I am not upset that I paid over $1000 for the work they did. What I am upset about is that they did not make sure my truck was working properly both times. You figure black smoke and a loud noise from the engine would indicate that everything is not okay. You would also think not to leave your tools inside a person's vehicle. You might assume that a person would see the check engine light on and think to further investigate the problem.

I guess this is how they do business because they honestly did not see any of the issues I brought up as being anything to apologize for. There's a difference between doing Good work and doing fast work. They apparently choose the latter. I would rather have my vehicle be somewhere longer as opposed to have to dick around with going back and forth over a week time.

Kurt of Indianapolis, IN on Jan. 24, 2017

Without going all of the details they essentially did not fix my turning flashers and they said it was just a battery. In the process of replacing the battery my car alarm didn't work afterward. "I" figured out the issues after Pep Boys made a bad situation worse. Again, unless you are really desperate DON'T go to Pep boys!

Location: Lafayette Rd. Indianapolis, IN. DON'T GO THERE!

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S. S. of Lancaster, PA on Jan. 17, 2017

I took my Nissan 350Z to have an oil change at Pep Boys. The technician tells me that I should replace the valve cover gaskets because they are leaking. I authorize them to replace both valve cover gaskets on that 3.5 liter engine. I left my car with them for 2 days. They called me up and said it's ready for pickup. I went to pick it up and paid close to $800 for this repair. I got in my car, started it and began to leave the parking lot and the engine feels like it's running on 2 cylinders. So I turn around because I only got 50 feet from the shop and talk to the manager explaining the problem. He agreed that it was not running like this when I brought it in and they were going to have their top Tech work on it for me.

7 days passed and they call me to come get it. Needless to say it was doing the same issue. So I left it with them again. 6 days later they say it's ready. So I have the manager get in my car and started and take a test drive with me. Didn't even get the seat belt on and it felt like it was still running on 2 cylinders. After several hours of debating they refunded my entire amount that I paid. I asked "who's going to fix my car now? It was not like this before they performed the repair!" I said. They proceeded to tell me "sorry we can't help you. Just be happy we gave your money back".

So I found a guy that specializes in these vehicles and had it towed to his shop. Upon inspection he called me and told me that there were four snapped bolts in the valve cover and missing about 8 bolts that hold all the vacuum lines and accessories and wire routing. He then discovered that Pep Boys missed plugged two of the coils in the wrong place! And the valve covers are leaking worse than before!

So long story short I end up paying $500 to fix Pep Boys mistakes! I will never set foot in another Pep Boys and I will never recommend to anybody to go there not even my worst enemy because he doesn't deserve it either! I was just beside myself on how the manager handled it and it became my problem because of their poor work quality and lack of knowledge and experience! Don't even let them put air in your tires! They will mess that up too! I believe their policy is to hire as many Down syndrome mechanics they can find. I apologize to the people with Down Syndrome. I don't want them getting mistaken for a Pep Boys employee.

william of Richmond, IN on Jan. 10, 2017

Had warranty work done, motor replacement. Got a remand motor put in, had truck back. A 2 wks check engine light came back on, blowing blue smoke out tail pipe and gas fumes & carbon monoxide is so bad have to ride with window down. Taken it back 3 times to be told nothing is wrong and unless we want to pay for the repairs. The motor came with a 1 yr parts and labor warranty. They will not do anything unless it's a catastrophic breakdown. WILL NEVER go to a Pep Boys.

Chol of Buffalo, NY on Jan. 5, 2017

Pep Boys did an alignment on a vehicle. The technician never screwed the back bar tight. The bar stripped and snapped. The car was zig zag all over the road. The repair was made but all kinds of further issues cropped up (tie rods. Wheel bearings. etc. etc.) as a result of the back bar not being screwed tight and then snapping altogether. An independent mechanic stated the car is unsafe to drive after this type of incident causing car to swerve left & right while driving instead of straight. Pep Boys refused to remedy the situation by paying for further repairs and/or paying for value of vehicle and subsequent damages. The driver or any other car on the road could have been killed as this was a serious negligence and safety issue. The car has been undrivable & parked for 2 + years awaiting Pep Boys to pay for all negligence and damages to date. Pep Boys was called for results and they didn't care even after calling CEO office.

Vince of Southfield, MI on Jan. 3, 2017

I recently had to take my truck in for a wheel alignment. I actually worked with the service manager, Jermaine **. He treated me with respect and was very knowledgeable about the services that I needed. They were thorough in their explanation, and very helpful and helping me resolve my brake issues. Even when I thought something was wrong, they reassured me that everything was great with my vehicle. I would highly recommend this service department to anyone and will continue to bring my vehicle for all my automotive needs.

James of Frederick, MD on Dec. 25, 2016

Well I was told I could pick the product up the next day after 12 and it never showed so now someone won't be getting a Christmas present till after Christmas because of them. They should have never said it was going to arrive at the store.

Barbara W. of Tulsa, OK on Dec. 24, 2016

I would like the public to know that Pep Boys is no longer a trustworthy company. My experience with Pep Boys has been wrong diagnosis, cheap parts and high labor costs. Pep Boys employees do not communicate with its customers. Pep Boys has replaced several items on my car including front and back brakes that included new rear wheel cylinders. only six months ago. One of the rear cylinders locked up just two days ago and Pep Boys did not want to take responsibility. I was told they needed you reevaluate the work Pep Boys performed on my rear brakes. IF they were responsible I had to pay for the part as well as the re-evaluation. And pay for towing.

My latest experience was losing antifreeze. I was told by their "mechanic" I needed a new fan relay switch, a new thermostat, radiator flush and hoses. $500 My radiator is 6 months old and the radiator fan is still working. I refused the fan relay switch, radiator flush, and hoses. I allowed the new thermostat and of course the fresh antifreeze. They performed the radiator flush anyway and charged me. I did get a refund. So, for the thermostat, antifreeze, wrong "evaluation", and labor they charged me $198. PLUS, THEY LEFT A RADIATOR HOSE LOOSE. I personally will NOT use Pep Boys again. Not even for an oil change. Customers BEWARE of Pep Boys.

v of NY on Dec. 13, 2016

I went to Pep Boys on Tremont Ave in the Bronx close by Westchester Ave for a simple wheel alignment for my Ford e150. The mechanic then told me I needed work on my front end to the amount of 3k. I then took van for a second opinion and come to find out I did not need anything but new front rotors. I will never trust Pep Boys again.

Rosa of Oakville, CT on Dec. 12, 2016

I broke down in a parking lot. My temperature gauge was halfway but my car started smoking. I turned it off, looked under hood and found coolant everywhere but there was still coolant in my tank. Went to get my phone from car. When I returned coolant tank was empty and coolant was on the ground. I contacted Pep Boys in Waterbury to get towed there. Waited an hour and a half to be told that I needed a thermostat & coolant fan, plus a coolant flush. Left car Friday picked up Sunday.

Monday morning when I started my car it shook like an earthquake. I went to check my oil and noticed there was no coolant in my tank. I filled the tank with coolant. I then noticed a keychain that held sentimental value to me was missing off my keys. While driving my car my thermostat would go halfway and once on highway or when heat was on it would stay in the cold position. No notification that my car was overheating. If I was in a standstill position the temp. gauge would go halfway. Temp. gauge never went to hot. I contacted the headquarters and made a complaint about the service I received, not being offered a rewards card with the amount of times I made purchases there and had a battery replaced and about my keychain being taken. While waiting for a callback about my complaint I kept an eye on my temp. gauge not indication that my car was overheating. The farthest the gauge went was halfway.

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I went to get food with my son and while in a standstill I started to notice smoke coming out from under my hood by where the coolant tank was. I could not drive off the line so I threw the heat on when I was finally able to pull into a spot. I checked under the hood and noticed nothing wrong. The smoking had stopped once the heat went on. I finally got in touch with the district manager and explained about the service, stolen keychain and told him about the issues I was still having with my car. He told me he was going to have the service manager call me to set up a day to bring my car back in to re-diagnose it because it seems my car was misdiagnosed. That was on a Wednesday. Thursday I did not hear from anyone.

I called early Friday morning and was told the manager was suppose to be in an hour earlier, so I left a message and waited for a call. I called the next day at 10 am and was told that the manager took an early lunch and would be back in an hour. I called back an hour and 15 minutes later and was told that he tried calling me and left me a message. I had no missed call or any message. I brought my car in today and 2 1/2 hours later I had to be the one to call to find out what was going on with my car. I was told that I had a blown head gasket. I went in to talk to them and was told "yes you have a blown head gasket. Would you like to know how much it would cost to repair it." I immediately told them no because it was not going to cost me a damn thing because they misdiagnosed my car didn't fix the problem which lead to my head gasket blowing. I was told that they will talk to the manager tomorrow and get back to me.

I called the district manager and told him what was going on and was told that he will call the manager tomorrow to see if they were at fault. They are the ones at fault. They replaced a fan and thermostat, flushed the coolant and never filled up the tank. My car never shook like an earthquake before I took it in to get repaired. I am disgusted with Pep Boys and will never bring my cars or business there ever again. They need to fix the problem they caused.

Top 613 Complaints and Reviews about Pep Boys oil change cupons

Denise of Waterbury, CT on Dec. 11, 2016

Currently sitting on my hands because service lost my keys. Called corporate and they would get back to me in 48 hours. 48 HOURS. Currently they are looking at the security tape. These people are in no hurry to resolve this problem. In the meantime I'm stuck here with a 4yr old child because I don't have my keys.

Osmani of Miami, FL on Dec. 4, 2016

I purchased a part online for store delivery to the Broad Channel store in Miami. Originally it was to be delivered the next day but I had not received a confirmation for pick up two days later. When I called the store they stated that the part was not available where it was inventoried so it had to come from a different store which would incur an additional two days of delivery time. I was never advised of the inventory discrepancy and the order was not re-routed until I called and inquired about it. Time wasted.

Fast forward two days later and I receive a call from the store letting me know my order is ready. When I arrive at the store the following day, no one can find my order. It seems my part was sold to someone else requiring the same item and the store is offering no solution to my predicament. No apology, no resolution, no satisfaction. The Pep Boys employee I dealt with even went so far as to say to me "what do you want me to do about it". Case in point for additional training needed.

Pep Boys does not seem to hold their employees accountable for their representation of the company and it is apparent in their satisfaction ratings. All this has added up to much consternation and much wasted time which the Pep Boys employees could not care about in the least. My next course of action is to mail a certified letter of complaint as far up the corporate chain as possible after I present a copy to the store manager in person. If everyone did this, this corporation would be much more inclined to handle mishandlings at their individual stores.

Nam of El Paso, TX on Dec. 4, 2016

Evidently Pep Boys in El Paso, TX on Dyer St. requires that you have perfect and expensive windshield wiper blades in order to pass the inspection. I brought my vehicle into the shop today (2 Dec 16) for state inspection. Everything passed excepted the windshield wiper blades since the driver side blade left a "streak" on the windshield on the first wipe. I asked the manager to check the blades and he couldn't find a thing wrong with it but he stuck by his co-worker said. I then went to the AutoZone to purchase a new pair of blades. I returned to Pep Boys and the inspector failed me again even with the new set of blades due to the wipers leaving a "streak". Again I left for AutoZone to get a more expensive blades and the inspection passed the inspection on the third try.

I felt that Pep Boys was trying to push me to buy its products and that the inspector was looking for perfection. My eight-month, like-new windshield wipers and the brand new windshield wipers didn't pass. If you want to pass the state inspection, I suggest you take it elsewhere besides Pep Boys. I had a feeling about its mechanics trying to push their products before I entered the store. That gut feeling turned out to be right. So do what you must with your car but beware that Pep Boys isn't your ideal auto shop.

Bob of Littleton, CO on Dec. 3, 2016

I made an appointment online at Pep Boys Lonetree, CO this Thursday to have an oil change Friday morning. I received a call from the store stating 4 people requested the same time so I rescheduled for a later time. When I arrived at the service counter there was no one there to check me in and a woman was also waiting for help. She had been there 10 minutes. After another 10 minutes a man came in and said he had tried to call the store and the phone rang for 31 minutes. We waited another 10 minutes and still no one at the counter.

A phone number was posted at the counter for the service manager. I called it and could hear the store phone ringing for two minutes, but no answer. Both the man and woman were there because there were problems with their previous service. The man said he had a 1 PM appointment the day before and his service was not completed until 5 PM. Obviously this store was not interested in keeping appointments or even staffing the service desk, so I left. I had already wasted more time than it takes to change the oil. I will never do business with his store.

Louisa of Pensacola, FL on Dec. 3, 2016

In February of 2015 I found myself being towed to a Pep Boys service center through my roadside assistance since there were no other tire centers open on Sunday. Once there I was told that they would have to order my two tires and they would not be in for 3 days. They came in. I was working so my mom who is 70 went to have the tires mounted on the car with an appoint mentioned mind you. 4 hours later she finally came to pick me up at work. By this time it's dark. Next day I wake and I see the blue and white letters are still on the tires, the rim was filthy, and the mechanic's dirty fingerprints are all over my clean car, and my stem covers gone. Call the manager. "oh bring it in so we can look at it. " No apology for crappy work for two tires that put me out 400+ dollars. like I have more time to give you. No thanks.

Well 9 months later the tire goes flat. I have the road Hazard warranty so I call Pep Boys. Informed I have to wait for them to order that the replacement is prorated. based on tread wear? That I have to pay them to mount and balance them and the tire that cost me 200 9 months ago is to cost me another 100 to replace. I bring the old tire in, leave them that and the rim and go home. I was told 9:30 am. It's 12:30 and I have to call the manager. Paul says "it just came in. Give me 30 mins and I'll have them put it on the rim for and have it ready."

I drive back to the Pep Boys and here I sit again waiting for them to charge me for something that should be warrantied. that should have already been done. and that I am still waiting on going on 59 mins now. Incompetent, unapologetic bad service and hope never to have to have to deal with them again. Word to the wise - steer clear of any service from Pep Boys. Steal your money, steal your time and perform the worse service and could care less about customer complaints. Bad service. time consuming and expensive. Never again.

Rita of Nashua, NH on Nov. 17, 2016

My first experience at Pep Boys was to fix a tire leak. They supposedly fixed it but it was leaking again the next night. When I brought it back, they "found" a new leak and said that I needed a new tire. I decided to give them a second chance and got an oil change. I had a coupon that said the cost was $19.99. Even though it was supposed to take 30 minutes it took an hour. Then when I went to pay, they said it cost $22.49. I reminded them about what it said on the coupon and they said there was an added fee of $2.50 for a "shop fee". No one said anything about that beforehand. It did not say anything about this fee on the coupon. Isn't this false advertising? If the coupon had given the accurate price, I wouldn't have minded but I don't understand how they can add extra fees after they completed the work and never said anything about it before. I will never go there again and I will tell everyone I know not to go there.

Richard of Las Vegas, NV on Nov. 13, 2016

I purchased a set of 4 tires for my Kia and they were sold to me as new tires. The first tire failed within the first year and was replaced by another totally different brand so it did not match the other tires. The second one totally came apart after about 3 years and less than 6,000 miles, the tread completely separated from the tire and if I had been on the freeway I would not be here telling this story. I spent almost Eight Hundred dollars "now really for recaps". This place will rip you off and make all kinds of excuses that somehow it's not the product. New tires and recaps are not the same and I would never spend almost 800.00 for recaps. You'd have to be a complete idiot.

Peter of Wake Forest, NC on Nov. 10, 2016

Do no use Pep Boys in Wake Forest unless you have money to spend on unnecessary repairs AND don't care about the quality of repairs done to your car. Employees at this shop don't communicate with you. They don't even communicate with each other and joke when you return the car for something that was not done right in the first place. Service is unprofessional and unreliable. Spent $1200 for new alternator - which did not fix problem (battery needed replacement). Spent $350 for heater hose - car lost all coolant, broke down 200 miles from home, stranding my daughter on the side of the freeway.

Kimberly of Rochester, NY on Nov. 5, 2016

My husband and I were planning on going away for the weekend, but wanted to make sure we had our new tires mounted, tpms reset, and a proper alignment before our travels commenced. However, to our despair, our plans were canceled because we spent 5 hours waiting for our car (dropped it off at 9am came back at 2:05pm) to be serviced. When we came back, we were already weary, but we decided to take it for a test drive before starting our trip. We were given no spec sheet but charged for an alignment that was never done because our car was written down as a coupe and we had to waste gas to go back all the way to the terrible shop that ruined our day and our plans. How do you charge someone for a service that is supposed to be done, and not have the integrity to do it. Our anniversary is now ruined because it is now 4:45pm and we can't even go nowhere.

Thank god my husband was with me because as soon as I started driving, my car pulled to the left and when I kept driving, it kept pulling and swerving. Pep Boys has just lost a loyal customer. My family has been going to Pep Boys for over 14 years and to have experienced such poor service, I beg to differ. To top it all off, when we went back to finally get the alignment we paid for in the beginning, I was given a spec sheet with the time of 3:17pm, but we got there at 3:25pm sharp and no one attended to us until 3:40pm. The sheet also did not have the make and model of my car nor any of my vehicle's information therefore, the guy could have given us someone else's spec sheet. I was robbed of an entire day, my husband is LIVID, and I am so disgusted with the uneducated and inexperienced people who work there.

L. of Brooklyn, Ny, NY on Oct. 30, 2016

I just received a ticket for driving in the bus lane when my car was in the hands of a Pep Boys technician. The ticket was $115. Their incomplete service of installing my sensor caused me $120 to fix at my dealer. Very dissatisfied and I plan on contacting attorneys in regards to getting the money I paid for the ticket. I have all the proof to show they had my car in that time frame. This shows that they are very irresponsible and don't care about the service they are expected to provide.

Lynn of Saint Cloud, FL on Oct. 29, 2016

On 10/28/16 Thursday I went into the Ocala service department to have a tune up and oil change on a truck that I had just purchased. The service manager Bill ** asked where we got the truck? When I told him that we had just purchased it from a young man that gave us a sob story that he need to sell it to pay for his DWI he could do is shake his head. We had been scammed. The truck had a cracked head and needed a new motor. We were at that point 90 miles from home and needed help to figure out what to do with it. With lots of help from Bill calling towing truck to get it out of there. We have decided to donate it and take a tax write-off. We are very grateful to Bill and all the help he gave us. We appreciate all the help he gave us.

[email protected] of Lansing, IL on Oct. 28, 2016

If you want to repair your vehicle, it is the wrong way. These guys can only sell tires and change them. I spent two hours for the diagnosis engine of my car. As a result, they told me to turn to the dealer. This they said 40% of people who waited with me.

Rage of Waldorf, MD on Oct. 26, 2016

My engine light came on and my vehicle shut off while driving and the VSC light came on so I got it towed to Pep Boys in Waldorf on Crain Highway. Please, I'm so serious. Not hating just being honest. Don't take your vehicle here. They are horrible. If you're expecting to get in and out just cause you came early it's not going to happen. I was told 2 hours after they got my car they were about to do a diagnostic and 3 hours later nothing. They did absolutely nothing. I wasted a tow and a whole day and can't go to work or take my kids to school in the morning. I was warned by the tow guy not to go there. He said he wouldn't even take his bicycle there and I thought maybe he was just hating. I was so wrong. Don't waste your time or money there. At almost closing time, I called again and they said no one got to it and that it would be looked at in the morning. I won't hold my breath. sending a tow truck in the AM. Never again.

Lee of Lynn, MA on Oct. 23, 2016

I bought a five years alignment and the same year on my second alignment they don't want to do it. The reason I want to get an alignment is that I swapped from summer tire to winter tire and raised my car about 1 1/2 inches higher off the ground. When I turned my car don't feel right and it pulled slightly to the right. So I brought my car in and Waited almost 3 hours because they were too busy. After roughly 3 hrs of waiting they told me my car don't need alignment. Great! Then started to explained about alignment just because they did an alignment a few months back on my car. I left Pep Boys when nothing done on my car. Never deal with Pep Boys again!

Benjamin of Lawrenceville, GA on Oct. 1, 2016

I have 3 different vehicles all of which have been serviced by the same Pep Boys location at West pike street in Lawrenceville Georgia. For the most part their service has been up to par in regards of servicing my vehicles. Hence the fact I've brought them back. However, the last time I've brought my Mercedes to this location for a replacement of a serpentine belt. They replaced it. Within a month it popped off. Weird because it didn't pop off the first time. It was just time to replace it. Nonetheless I called and they replaced it under the 3 year warranty. 2 months later it popped off again. I called yet again, had it towed up there yet again and four days later it was replaced and I picked it up.

On the drive home the vehicle ran hot, check engine light came on, multiple indicators popped up on the dashboard. I had to return back to work as MOST of us do, so I had my father call to get the vehicle looked at (a senior citizen and a war veteran). My father immediately called me back and told me the individual named Tyler with no last name began to tell him "bring it back. We won't drop you off. We will get it looked at. We don't have any techs available for at least an hour and a half and we don't know the price." in what my father felt was an absurdly disrespectful manner.

Top 613 Complaints and Reviews about Pep Boys oil change cheap near me

So when he arrived I asked to speak to Tyler. Which I then was reluctant to tell me more or less the same. "We can't get to it now. I already told you that and if you have a problem with that you're more than welcome to come see me etc." Whoa wait! Tyler just disrespected my father over the phone and in person and I feel as though he just threatened me over the phone. Over a car? Not to mention Tyler hung up with no resolve. My father never asked for a ride home (my father and I both live within 3 miles of this location. Not to mention have an additional 5 OTHER vehicles to drive.

I'm writing this because at this moment my vehicle that only needed a serpentine has caused me to miss 3 days of work, multiple headaches and now put my elderly father in a very uncomfortable situation. I regret to inform you that after this whole debacle I've yet to been able to reach a supervisor or any form of management. So to my last attempt I will write this to the corporate office, fix the vehicle at another service location and write as many letters it takes to tell everyone I know my experience.

Tabi of Clarksburg, WV on Oct. 1, 2016

I ordered rims. They sent 1 wrong rim. They very quickly replacement rim in 2 days. What don't like about them is their Inability to allow free speech on their website reviews. They rejected my review 2x and the 3rd time I told them to go f themselves - they just lost a customer. They rejected my first review because I said something about them shipping the wrong product. My 2nd review I praised them highly and spoke highly of their product and they rejected my review because I let the public know where I bought lug nuts because they don't offer this product unless they put your rims on and I live 60 miles away.

coleen of Long Branch, NJ on Sept. 30, 2016

I sent my son's car in to get thermostat housing replaced. I was told car would be ready by noon. When car wasn't ready by six I got worried and sent my son to pick up car only to find out he could not take car because the manager took for test drive and came back with damaged hood and cracked windshield. His response was he could not do anything about this because it was a defective piece bought from advanced auto parts called fan pulley. I am in disgust to find out. It is now 9/29/16 and I have not received any response from corporate office and have filed a total of 3 complaints with 3 different reps starting day of damage on 9/24/16.

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