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If There Is a Zero Star, I Will Definitely Give Midas in Chillicothe Ohio a Big Zero.

By Simon - 06/29/2016

CHILLICOTHE, OHIO -- If there is a zero star, I will definitely give Midas in Chillicothe Ohio a big zero. I took my Mercury Montego to Midas on Saturday at 10. They checked the engine light with $90 diag service. Somebody called me at 10:38 and said the only problem was spark plugs. I told this guy to replace the spark plug set I have in my car. He got this done plus engine oil change and tire rotation done within 2 hours and 40 mins. Then guess what happened. They charged me three hours labor fee for $294. They included the labor fee for oil change and rotation and roll them into the total. That's ridiculous.

I paid and drove my car for 3 min and parked for shopping. When I started my car again when we done with the shopping, the engine light came back on. It was about 3 pm and my baby and wife had not have lunch yet. We decided to have lunch first then go back to Midas. We had our lunch and I saw there was a Autozone. I thought why not have Autozone check it and know what's wrong and talk to Midas then. When Autozone guy done his job and my car shut off by itself, I was not able to restarted it then. What the hell. What did Midas do to my car?

I towed my car back to Midas and talked to a big female call "Tammy **". She was even more angry than me. She said the spark plug is not compatible with my car. She said I brought the spark plugs and they are not responsible for anything. If they knew they are not compatible, why they still put the in. Are you hoping I come back again and again? No way! I will post my experience anywhere I could find and alert people as many as I can.

SOMERVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- I went there for an oil change with a $19 coupon but they wouldn't honor it saying I need the more expensive $29 oil change that uses partly synthetic oil. I worked as an auto mechanic when I was 16 years old and at 25 year old I became a shop foreman in a car dealership. They refused the $19 oil change and said they wouldn't do it unless I paid for the $29 old change. I hate bait-and-switch and upselling. They did do a coupon $19 oil change over a year ago without upselling and outright lying to me. I will not use them again.

Also they told me a year ago that my oil pan was leaking. Another mechanic checked the oil pan as I did and found there were no leaks. As a result of their stupidity they lost a customer and also had a mechanic sit around for 45 minutes when he would have been doing my oil change. At the end they lost out. Just be aware of these facts if you decide to use them.

Horrible Customer Service, Overcharging, Dishonesty

Top 10 Reviews of Midas Oil Changes cheapest oil change near me

By Kayla - 11/14/2014

SUMMERVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- So I brought my car in for a routine oil change and a courtesy safety inspection. I was told the oil change would cost $26.99 without tax. There's a coupon on the website for a $19.99 oil change but they didn't want to honor it without being told about it. Mistake 1. Then the guy pulls my car into the shop and comes in and tells the manager that he can tell what's wrong with my car without doing anything to it. Ok? Mistake 2.

He tells me the "shocks are destroyed and the oil is low and I haven't even checked the oil dipstick". So then he goes back out and gets the car up on the lift. The manager (**) tells me after he starts, not before, that because of my car the new total will be $28 because my oil filter is more expensive. Mistake 3. I told her I've never paid extra for an oil filter so she took the extra off.

Basically this company employs dishonest people who overcharge. By the way I got a quote for my struts. $801 for parts and labor. I looked on (best website for car parts) and struts are $89.99 per side so I'm not sure where this outrageous quote comes from but for y'all out there, don't come to Midas. Go anywhere else that offers an oil change because they'll overcharge you and lie to you.

Midas Ruined My Engine

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I took my truck to Midas and the customer service representative suggested a radiator flush and oil change. Prior to stopping there, no problems with truck, no leaks, a good running truck. Paid 120 dollars. I drove to Walmart and noticed fluid pouring out of front of truck; took back and they reassured me it was just from a crack in windshield washer fluid receptacle. I started noticing yellow leaks after that first visit (and customer service representative had refused to sell me the 4-oil change prepaid card during that original visit).

Top 10 Reviews of Midas Oil Changes cheep oil change

For the next 2 weeks, kept taking truck back for leaks; they had one excuse after another. Told me it was just residual from a messy, radiator flush. Normal, they said. Last Friday they stated there was a tiny hair line fracture somewhere top, front of truck which caused continuous yellow leak underneath and that I should just let it leak and come into the shop every week and they would top off the fluids. "All Chevy's have leaks like this", the mechanic said. "I have a Chevy truck and mine has leaks", he said.

Of course, I asked why we just did not fix this right away. Won't it get bigger and won't it cause damage, I asked. Yes, it could ruin the engine, but we will still only charge you the low price of (after negotiating with them) of 375 dollars, they said. I insisted on getting the hole fixed. They tried to get me to leave instead of fixing that day. I asked the mechanic if he wanted to do the job and if he had the capability of fixing this. He said he did. Next, the manager insisted that they drive me somewhere off the property as this was a 4 hour job, at least, but that I would have to find my own way back, as 5pm was his busiest time and they closed soon after that.

I left with the woman customer service rep; I expressed my doubt and concern about my truck, giving them another opportunity to bow out. She assured me all was well with my truck and that these Midas guys are the most honest, outstanding of all 3 Midas shops she had worked at. I called 2 times from the location where they drove me, asking if they were able to fix the hole and to treat my car as if it were their mother's. The manager reassured me that the mechanic was so good, he could do this in his sleep. I next had to argue with the manager for a ride back to the shop. He was a jerk.

The woman from the shop called and said she would pick me up at 4:30. I waited in the hot sun from 4:15 until 5.00pm with no one showing up. I had to call again and she finally came. When we got back to the shop, the hood on my truck was open and the original mechanic and another one pulled up a truck to block my view from seeing what they were doing. I walked past the truck and looked over. The mechanics were frantically and feverishly spraying something under the hood, and then quickly wiping the bumper with a rag. He pulled it to front parking lot as I refused to pay without an explanation of what they had done to that hole and my truck.

(By now I had known for sure that they had done no work that day and that they had done the damage during the original visit and were putting me off, trying to get me to go away, well aware of serious damage to my vehicle.) The mechanics and woman and manager were huddled together talking about something serious. When they looked up at me, it was a look of horror, like that look when a doctor has bad news about your loved one after surgery. I was sick to my stomach.

The mechanic opened the hood and tried to show me where they had supposedly fixed the supposed hole front, top of truck. "And you can see that we sprayed right here to fix the hole", he insisted. I saw nothing, but was still hoping I still had a truck. I asked the mechanic if he truly did work on my truck and if so, did he really work on it for 4 hours. He said he only worked on it for 2 and 1/2, but that they go by the job/the book and that I was being charged for 4 hours (they did not work on my car and that is why they wanted me off the property, to pretend they were fixing it).

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I knew that I had to pay them in order to retrieve my truck, so I paid. (they also knew that I have been unemployed for over 3 years and I do not have much money) I made sure that they assured me there would be no more leaks now. The woman said, "Nope! no more leaks!" I drove home, looked under front of truck and now there were 2 larger leaks. The yellow fluid was just not leaking, but pouring out. I called manager right back and asked what they had done to my truck and that they had ruined my truck. He insisted I bring it back in the morning. I told him I would take it to a friend to look at and he ORDERED me to bring it back to them.

The next day I called the Chevy dealer who told me he would look at it. (he thought maybe they cracked the radiator when they did that original radiator flush, which was an expensive job to fix) and he thought that is why they kept trying to get me to stay away and ignore the leak. I took it into the Chevy dealership. The manager and a mechanic spent 4 hours checking out the truck and they determined that Midas had caused damage to my engine and they expected the engine to seize in a week. He told me it was dangerous to drive and I had to get tow.

Top 10 Reviews of Midas Oil Changes oil near me

We had also called the Midas manager from the Chevy office, asking why I had paid 375. What was I paying for. Midas manager had another story, diff. than the leaky story. That is when Chevy manager stepped in, introduced himself and let Midas know what they had found. I then told Midas manager that I knew this finding was no surprise to him and that I had to go and would let him know how I decided to handle this situation. I left without a vehicle at all.

Now, no transportation and no resolve to this yet. I am sick about it, devastated, feel like a fool, except that the joke is on them for playing such a "leaky" game. Do not give Midas your business. Period. They do not have qualified mechanics and engage in deceptive practices, stealing money and time and dignity of the most vulnerable in society.

A Customer Who Was Inappropriately Touched by Midas

By Sicca - 10/03/2012

NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- To start I am pissed that I had to give these ** even 1 star to create this comment. They deserve a negative 10 stars. I must say I will never, ever bring my car to another Midas as long as I walk this earth! I suggest you do not either. I have had 3 cars and every time I bring my car to Midas they find a way to ** me with no lube! I am not the type of person to write reviews but after this last experience I cannot help but say something. I was drawn to Midas recently because of their advertisement offering oil changes for 21.99 I'm sure you've seen it.

Against my better judgment I brought my car in because I thought that was a good deal although I am not a fan of the company, I thought because it was a new location I would have a better experience. I brought my car in and was helped pretty quickly since I was the only person there. This should have been a red flag hinting for me to get the ** out of there! I told the man I wanted the 21.99 oil change.

He asked for the year, make, and model of my car, took my keys and then drove the car back. 15 minutes later another man comes out and says that they cannot do my oil change for the 21.99 price, the oil I need for my Toyota cost $80. UMMM first WTF was the point in asking me the year make and model of my car if you didn't already know what oil that model needed? Dumb dumb doing my paperwork should have told me in the beginning what this ordeal was going to cost me so I could walk away if I wanted.

Second you ** what happened to the 21.99 special that was advertised. I let that slide even though on their bulletin board in the store it said the price for this "specific" oil that I needed was 59.99. Later the man comes back and asks to rotate my tires as sometimes correct their complimentary customer service. So again I was skeptical but I said why the ** not? At least they are offering something FREE.

After they rotated my tires the dude comes back and says, "oh yea those tires we rotated to the front need to be changed soon, they are going bald." You crackhead why in the ** would you put bad tires on the front of the car? Are you trying to kill me? Thanks ** for my **, DEADLY, complimentary customer service. Job well done! I wish I was done here but I'm not. When I got in my car there was oil stains all over my steering wheel and on the inside door of my car and on the roof! What were they doing. ** the oil can in my car. Wtf.

Although very pissed off I let all of this go. Until today when I was driving my hub cap magically popped off. I hadn't hit any pothole and I was driving under 35 miles per hr. So after my fiancee carefully inspected it. He realized that the piece that clamps onto the tire was broken off. I didn't notice when I left Midas because they popped it back on in hopes that I wouldn't notice. Well guess what ** I did!

Do not be fooled by Midas false advertising, the prices are not what they say they are and their customer service is about as pleasant as being gang raped in prison. When they say they have the "Midas touch" that must be what they are referring to. Sincerely, a customer who was inappropriately touched by Midas. Don't let this be you.

Do Not Go To Midas…They Are Scam Artists That Will Do Whatever It Takes To Earn A Few Extra Dollars!

By San - 07/20/2012

PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- I brought my vehicle in to the PALATINE, ILLINOIS location to get an oil change. After the technician emptied the oil, he mentioned that the drain cap had broken off and was kind enough to show me what he was talking about. He told me that I would need to get a new oil pan but in the meantime, I would have to get put in a temporary plug to keep the oil from draining out. He offered me two choices, one for about $20 and the other for a little over $60. Since they were both temporary solutions, I chose the one for $20.

About half hour and approximately 15 miles after leaving Midas, my car started to overheat so I called to let them know. I told them I was going to pull over to let my engine cool down. The manager agreed and said he would send someone out to my location to check the car.

A short time later, the manager arrived at my destination. As he was checking the oil, it started to sleet. As the car had oil, he said that I would have to take it back to the shop in order to do a full examination. I started to follow him and a few miles down the road, the needle on the temperature gauge started to approach the red area. Before I could pull over, the oil light came on and then my car died.

A police officer and the fire department came on the scene to assist me and to check out my car to make sure it was not on fire. The officer wanted to call for a tow truck, so I called Midas and asked who would be responsible for the tow bill. I was told that if it was Midas's fault, they would cover the expense; if not, I would have to foot the bill.

At that point I was less than pleased. My entire day has been disrupted when all I wanted was a simple oil change. I had enough and I wanted a neutral party to conclude who was responsible for repairing my vehicle. Therefore, I had the car towed to a third party, GMC dealership. While at the dealership, it was discovered that my coolant cap had been off and all my coolant had drained out which resulted in my car overheating. The dealership replaced the cap and the fluid costing me $199.47.

About two hours later, I took my receipts to Midas and met with the manager, asking to be reimbursed for the expenses that I had incurred due to their INEXPERIENCE. He told me he would submit it to corporate and get back to me. About a week later, I took my car in for the district manager looked at my car. He asked me why I had the car towed to the dealership, and I told him that I needed a neutral opinion and my trust for Midas was completely gone.

In the end after insulting my intelligence by telling me that the damage done to my car was caused by an accident, and that my car was not overheating due to my coolant being drained, he said Midas was not at fault and they would not cover the expenses. The technician was completely careless when servicing my car, and I hold Midas fully responsible for all damages and expenses incurred. DO NOT GO TO MIDAS!

By Bahyiyar - 07/14/2014

MUNDELIN, ILLINOIS -- Dave and Ronaldo gave exceptional customer service and they were very helpful.

Top 10 Reviews of Midas Oil Changes where can i get a oil change near me

By Desiree - 04/05/2013

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- Midas 3232 N Durango Las Vegas NV. I bought a living social deal for "free" oil changes plus extra free or discounted prices for 25$ - I was sold. We went in yesterday and they insinuated WE were trying to scam THEM with the punch card we bought in which THEY offered on LS. WTHeck. After getting past that, they claimed they couldn't/wouldn't change the oil in our new car because it was "unsafe" to drive and needed repairs before it could even be considered for an oil change. Needless to say we didn't buy the BS, and left.

The next day we took the truck in (should've known better to go back), they took the truck back and claimed my truck only took synthetic oil; which again BS from them. I've never put synthetic in my truck and didn't want the synthetic. They said it was the only choice and put it in any way. They charged us 42$ for the 7 quarts of synthetic that I didn't even want. They charged for the filter that on the punch card clearly stated the filter was included. The only thing we expected to walk out paying was taxes and disposal fees. Instead, with our "free" oil change coupon we walked out paying 40$! Just for oil and a filter!

I disputed the charges and the guy behind the counter didn't care about a thing I said, in fact he was messing around on the computer while I was trying to get answers from him. He obviously didn't care and probably was happy that they got away with scamming yet another customer. I was pretty livid walking out. No care for the customer, just bringing in money and ripping people off. We will never return and hope to gosh living social refunds our punch card vouchers; they're completely worthless.

I highly recommend finding an honest auto shop. We love Sun Auto (we go to the one off N Durango and 215). They're honest and treat loyal customers well. I'm disappointed in myself for getting a flashy deal over our regular shop. Shame on me for straying away and shame on Midas for the bad business they conduct.

Midas Does Not Care

By Krish - 06/13/2013

HANOVER PARK, ILLINOIS -- I took my minivan in for oil change and tire rotation. We have this van for last 7 years and took it to a different shop for repairs in past. Well, we moved to Hanover park IL and thought MIDAS is close to my house let's give them a chance to earn my business. They did the oil change and tire rotation but left the center wheel cap loose on two wheels. The caps fell off in a week after tire rotation, which never happened before in past 7 years. Now it is going to cost me $70 to replace the caps unless I go to a junkyard and get them from there cheaper.

When tires were rotated with wheels, the mechanic did not look at the front brake pads nor he recommended anything regarding brakes. My rotors got damaged a week later because pads were completely worn off which could have been replaced at the time of tire rotation without extra cost of rotors. I promise to not go back to MIDAS ever again. Thanks.

In for Oil Change Came Back With Damage

By Rolanda - 09/15/2013

WIND GAP, PENNSYLVANIA -- Took my car of 3 months in for its 1st oil change and when I went to pick up there was a piece of paper stating front end damage. I asked about it and was casually told it was like that when I dropped it off. I questioned it and was told they would check security videos as this damage was found on a routine walk around. There was other damage to this car that was noticeable that I knew of, but Midas didn't have that one written down. It has been over a week since they claimed no negligence on their part and I asked to see these security videos and yet no one gets back to me and even their customer service hotline seems uninterested.

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